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Joomstew Radio and The Art of Community

Art of Community book coverThe remaining episodes of our Joomla! and the Art of Community series are now completed! This great book by Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager is a must have for your library. Please buy a copy or if you can't afford a copy, Jono has made available a PDF that you can use.

Check out all the great episodes on the JoomStew Radio Blog! We are so honored by these guests. This was just one great episode after the other given the willingness of people with subject matter expertise to join as our guests. Thank you to each of you who have participated throughout this series, all the support from the community of listeners, and special thanks  to Jono for joining us for our last episode in this series.


JoomStew Radio Show Notes – Jono Bacon and The Art of Community

Quote of the Week by Amy Stephen

"So, I wake up to find Matt Lipscomb, newest CLT member posting on ATAAW about Cultivating a Community and Hils Cheyne, ATAAW admin, posting at about the latest ATAAW Initiative."

“Joomla! Rocks!” - things are getting better.


NEWSFLASH! – JoomStew Radio with Jono Bacon

Art of Community book coverThat's right, very special guest and author of the book, The Art of Community, Jono Bacon will be with us live in the studio for this week's JoomStew Radio. You can listen live here at 15:00 UTC Wednesday, July 21, 2010:

We are ecstatic that Jono has made time in his busy schedule to be on our show, and have made arrangements to move the show up 5 hours to accommodate his travel schedule.


JoomStew Radio Show Notes – Events with Robert Deutz


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11 JUG Meetings in the Next week
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JoomStew Radio Creating and Running Events with guest Robert Deutz

This week's JoomStew Radio show, with your host Amy Stephen and Robert Vining, features our very special guest Robert Deutz, Joomla Events Team Leader, J&Beyond Event Organizer and OSM Board Member. Creating and Running Events, the 10th chapter from The Art of Community by Jono Bacon will be the topic of the day, and we'll get a lot of great insight on what Robert has experienced recently with the hugely successful JAB10, and what some of the plans are shaping up to be for JAB11.

If you want to learn more about some of the exciting Joomla Events planned in the near future you'll definitely want to listen in.

July 14, 2010 JoomStew Radio Creating and Running-Events with Special Guest Robert Deutz