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JoomStew Radio – October 13, 2010 – Extension Series – Ecommerce

Babs Gösgens

Babs Gösgens

Matt Lipscomb

Matt Lipscomb

Cristina Solana

Cristina Solana


JoomStew is joined by Babs Gösgens of Crossing Hippos, Matt Lipscomb of USA Freelancers, and Cristina  Solana of Nightshift Creative for an open discussion about their experience with Joomla! ecommerce extensions, including Virtuemart, Tienda, redSHOP and MageBridge (Magento).

JoomStew Radio on Joomla Ecommerce Extensions


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Joomla News:

Molajo - Ataaw Announced the official name for their new Distribution based off of Joomla 1.6. You can find out more information about Molajo at

JoomlaDayDC - Joomla!Day DC is being organized by the Northern Virginia Joomla! Users Group and will be held at Microsoft’s offices in Chevy Chase, Maryland just outside of Washington, DC on Saturday, October 16, 2010. Tune in to JoomStew for some exclusive interviews with JoomlaDayDC attendees!

Editors Picks in the JED - With no new selections since 2008 and only 8 current listings, it was past time to review the procedures and add new editor picks. They decided to ask the community for nominations and have gotten quite a bit of feedback so far... over 700 responses! You have 1 more day to get your nomination in!


The following questions were put to our guests in an open fashion:

Ecommerce Carts are rather large components, with additional extensions, can you tell us your experience with how each is bundled? Are they a 1 click installation?

What is significant about the various configuration interfaces you have encountered? What are your tips for setting that up?

What is your checklist of items when setting up an ecommerce website (i.e. secure cert, payment system modules, etc.)

Let’s talk about the templates for each cart for a minute...

Which carts allow for easy import/export of products, thumbnails, prices, etc. in a spreadsheet? Do they use standard CSV files?

Let’s talk about online payments: Paypal, Google Checkout, secure online bank account, or secure gateway.

Bad Boy of the Week:

Amy Stephen for Branding the new Joomla 1.6 Distribution from ATAAW.

Contributor of the Week:

NOVA Joomla Users Group for their never ending work putting the JoomlaDayDC event together!

Working in the Community:

Help with the new Joomla 1.6 Distribution, Malajo! They need testers, coders and more!

Help in the Bug Squad getting 1.6 out the door!

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