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JoomStew Radio at J and Beyond 2011 – Part 4

JoomStew at Jab11 - Part 4 - Anything Digital and Microsoft

JoomStew at Jab11 - Part 4 - Anything Digital and Microsoft

Image Credit: Victor Drover - Anything Digital

In Part 4 of JoomStew at J and Beyond 2011, Alice and Dianne have a new round of guests, including Fernanda and Jas from Microsoft, Hagen Graf from Cocoate and Toni Marie and Victor Drover from Anything Digital.

I know what you're thinking… Microsoft at JAB11? Really? Well, listen in on this podcast to find out some interesting developments that Vic and Microsoft plan to work on in the very near future regarding Joomla and IIS servers.

As always, we want to thank J and Beyond 2011 and the Knights of Open Source for allowing us to record these impromptu sessions at the Ebay sponsored Barbeque on Friday night, and to all of our guests for taking time to talk with us!

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Dianne Henning - Hosting Paris

Alice Grevet - OPA Europe


Maria Fernanda Badano - Microsoft

Jas Sandhu - Microsoft

Toni Marie - Mother Road Designs

Hagen Graf - Cocoate

Victor Drover - Anything Digital

JoomStew Radio at J and Beyond 2011 - Part 4


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  1. I have enjoyed very much the podcast. I am surprised about Microsoft, here. Very positive. Hopefully You will continue with much more radio broadcasts. I am very interested to here about any joomla topic. Thank you.

    • Hi Carlos! Glad you enjoy JoomStew radio, we sure enjoy recording it with our guests and sharing it with folks like you! We were a bit surprised by the Microsoft attendance at JAB11, but it turned out to be a good interview with Victor Drover from Anything Digital discussing SH404 and URL rewrites on an IIS server. Looking forward to seeing Microsoft take on that challenge with Vic in the near future.

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