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JoomStew Radio – J and Beyond 2012 – Part 2

JoomStew Radio, live from JAB12, with Joe LeBlanc, Sandy Ordonez, Dianne Henning and Altansukh (Sukh) Tumenjargal

Continuing with Part Two of JoomStew at JAB12 held in Bad Nauheim, Germany from May 18-20, 2012. We are joined by Sarah Watz of, talking about the EU Cookie law that recently went into effect, and Hagen Graf of, who told us of his recent experience at Joomla Day Iran, and Joe Sonne, aka JoeJoomla, who shared his impressions of his first international Joomla event.

A special thanks to Joe LeBlanc for the voiceover intros, and to Sandy Ordonez who joined Dianne Henning as a co-host for this series.


JoomStew Radio – J and Beyond 2012 – Part 1

JoomStew Radio at J and Beyond 2012

JoomStew Radio at J and Beyond 2012

The 3rd Annual International Joomla Conference, J and Beyond, took place on May 18-20, 2012 in Bad Nauheim, Germany at the Dolce Hotel and Resort. JoomStew Radio was lucky enough to have Dianne Henning and Sandy Ordonez there to record some of the Joomla Rock Stars in attendance, and today is the start of the infamous JabStew 2012 Series.

In our first episode, we've got the event organizers Robert Deutz and Brian Teeman talking about how J and Beyond originally came together, along with OSM President Paul Orwig sharing his thoughts on the event. We also hear from several other guests at the table, including Chad Windnagle, who shares the progress of this year's Joomla Google Summer of Code.


JoomStew Radio – Introducing Square One CMS

Square 1 CMS

Square 1 CMS - Light Joomla Distribution

This week we sit down with 2 great developers within the Joomla Community, Jeremy Wilken and Joe LeBlanc. Both have been part of the Joomla Community for many years, and they have come together to collaborate on a new Joomla Distribution they call Square One CMS. Think of it as the latest Joomla build on a diet. No extensions ship with Square One except the User Manager, ACL and Article component. However, all of the Joomla default extensions are readily available in the Extensions manager and can be added with one click of the mouse.

The idea behind Square One, is to give site builders and developers a clean slate to build out your own distro of Joomla that you can deploy over and over again. Think of it as a Distribution you can use to build Distributions!

Listen in while we discuss how Square One came about, and where these guys plan on taking it in the future.


JoomStew Radio – CMSExpo 2012 Preview Show

CMSExpo 2012

CMSExpo: 2012 May 8–10, 2012, Chicago, Illinois

JoomStew Radio is proud once again to have John and Linda Coonen, founders of CMS Expo, as our special guests today on the show. They have spent the past 5 years building the web industry's most successful CMS focused conference. From the FOSS platforms you know and love, like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, to a whole host of new CMS platforms both Open Source and Proprietary will be featured at this year's Expo.

If you depend on the web for your livelyhood, you don't want to miss this event. This year's conference has an allstar lineup, no matter whether you want to learn more about Mobile, or need to understand Content Strategy, CMS Expo has assembled the best in the business to bring you great information you won't find anywhere else.

Join us as we discuss a little about the History of CMS Expo, and then talk about what this year will bring. Settle in, it's a great show!


JoomStew Radio – J and Beyond 2012 Preview Show

J and Beyond 2012 - May 18th - 20th, 2012, Bad Nauheim, Germany

We sat down with two of the lead organizers of J and Beyond 2012, Robert Deutz and Brian Teeman, who shared with us a few upcoming treats in store for JAB12. This year's event runs from May 18th - 20th,  in Bad Nauheim, Germany, where Elvis Presley was based during his military stint. J and Beyond is an event geared towards developers and designers... In the words of Brian Teeman, "If you think you can't afford to go, you can't afford NOT to go!"