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JoomStew Radio – Joomla Day Chicago 2012 – Part 2

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JoomStew Radio at Joomla Day Chicago 2012 - Part 2

Today's JoomStew Radio continues our coverage of Joomla! Day Chicago 2012 with special guest Brian Prince, Principal Cloud Evangelist at Microsoft, who took some time to discuss how Microsoft is engaging the Open Source Software Community today through new programs like BizSpark, which provides software, support and visibility to new Startups.

Listen in to hear what this veteran conference speaker thinks of the Joomla Community and how Microsoft is changing it's culture to meet the needs of today's open source software developers.


JoomStew Radio – Introducing Square One CMS

Square 1 CMS

Square 1 CMS - Light Joomla Distribution

This week we sit down with 2 great developers within the Joomla Community, Jeremy Wilken and Joe LeBlanc. Both have been part of the Joomla Community for many years, and they have come together to collaborate on a new Joomla Distribution they call Square One CMS. Think of it as the latest Joomla build on a diet. No extensions ship with Square One except the User Manager, ACL and Article component. However, all of the Joomla default extensions are readily available in the Extensions manager and can be added with one click of the mouse.

The idea behind Square One, is to give site builders and developers a clean slate to build out your own distro of Joomla that you can deploy over and over again. Think of it as a Distribution you can use to build Distributions!

Listen in while we discuss how Square One came about, and where these guys plan on taking it in the future.


JoomStew Radio – CMSExpo 2012 Preview Show

CMSExpo 2012

CMSExpo: 2012 May 8–10, 2012, Chicago, Illinois

JoomStew Radio is proud once again to have John and Linda Coonen, founders of CMS Expo, as our special guests today on the show. They have spent the past 5 years building the web industry's most successful CMS focused conference. From the FOSS platforms you know and love, like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, to a whole host of new CMS platforms both Open Source and Proprietary will be featured at this year's Expo.

If you depend on the web for your livelyhood, you don't want to miss this event. This year's conference has an allstar lineup, no matter whether you want to learn more about Mobile, or need to understand Content Strategy, CMS Expo has assembled the best in the business to bring you great information you won't find anywhere else.

Join us as we discuss a little about the History of CMS Expo, and then talk about what this year will bring. Settle in, it's a great show!


JoomStew Radio – Joomla! Google Summer of Code 2012

Joomla! Google Summer of Code - 2012

Joomla! Google Summer of Code - 2012

JoomStew Radio had a chance to sit down this week with the co-admins for Joomla's Google Summer of Code, Chad Windnagle and Andy Tarr. This is a great opportunity to educate young people and give back to the Open Source community at the same time. It also helps to bring new folks into the Joomla project.

Listen in to learn more about becoming a mentor or submit ideas to help move the GSoC project forward. Click the links below for more information.


JoomStew Radio at Joomla Day Austin 2011

Joomla Day Austin 2011 Banner

Joomla Day Austin 2011

The first ever Joomla Day Austin occurred on September 15, 2011 in Downtown Austin, Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz. The venue is unique to most Joomla days as it is an old theatre that has been restored and updated with new seating and amenities that allow for group events to be held.

Another unique idea to Joomla Day Austin was the continuous single-stage presentation format. Due to the unique venue having only 1 stage on which to present, event organizers Kyle and Melinda Ledbetter worked with members of the Austin Joomla Users Group to come up with a format that would have 2 Presenters at the same time for each session throughout the day.

In addition, each session tied together to showcase a complete site redesign of the Minis and Friends website from start to finish. The website was chosen by the Austin JUG members from a group of local Non-Profits who were in need of a website makeover.

The Event turned out to be a huge success from the eyes of both the event organizers and the attendees. Listen in to the podcast and hear the reaction from many of the presenters and the recipients of the free website makeover as well.

Thanks to Kyle and Melinda Ledbetter for allowing us to record this podcast on location, and to all of the guests for taking time to talk to our hosts. Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank Jen Kramer and Dianne Henning for once again taking the time and effort to bring this podcast to you folks here on JoomStew Radio.

Read on to listen to the Joomla Day Austin Podcast.