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JoomStew is Cookin up Good Stuff in 2011!

The JoomStew Crew Wishes You a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

With the Holidays just around the corner, the JoomStew crew thought it might be a good time to reflect back on our first year here at JoomStew, and get ready to bring you even more great Joomla! podcasts just as soon as 2011 kicks off.

We put up a poll a few weeks back and you've definitely voiced your opinion on what you want to hear! Look for a new JoomStew Radio Series on Marketing Your Business during the month of January, 2011 and we'll be sure to line up some great guests as well!

We hope each and every one of you has a safe and happy holiday, and that Santa brings you plenty of great Joomla! presents for the New Year.

Thanks for being such great friends of JoomStew! We wouldn't be doing this without YOU!


JoomStew Radio – Landing Clients – Bidding the Job – Writing Proposals

Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer

Justin Kerr

Justin Kerr

Today JoomStew Radio welcomes back Jen Kramer of Joomla4Web, and introduces our listeners to Justin Kerr of Prototaph.

One lives in the big city of Chicago and meets clients face to face all the time, and the other is out in the country of New England and almost never sits across the table from a client. Both freelancers are very successful and business is booming. All three JoomStew cohosts learned a lot, and we're sure that you will too!

JoomStew Radio - Landing Clients - Bidding the Job - Writing Proposals


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JoomStew Radio – November 3, 2010 – Extension Series – NinjaBoard

Stian Didriksen

Stian Didriksen

Today JoomStew Radio is proud to have Stian Didriksen from Nooku, Ninjaforge and ProThemer as our guest. This show is the 4th and final episode in our series on Joomla Extensions and features the Ninjaboard Forum component.

We talk about a lot of unique features of Ninjaboard, but also go indepth into the Nooku Framework on which it runs. If you don't know what Nooku is, or haven't heard a good explanation of what a Framework is, this podcast should enlighten you as to how it works.

Also included in this show is the debut of our News Anchor Dianne Henning, who brings us the latest news in and around Joomla. Lot's of cool stuff going on right now!

JoomStew Radio Extensions Series Podcast #4


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Hold on Folks… JoomStew is About to Rock!

JoomStew Rocks

JoomStew Rocks!

JoomStew Radio has seen quite a bit of growth over the past year. Amy Stephen and myself started out doing a series of shows on The Art of Community by Jono Bacon last Spring that was a huge success. Then Amy took some time off, and Alice Grevet came on-board and we kicked off a series of shows on Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions that have been really popular as well.

Recently, JoomStew has been going through some changes to it's show schedule, and with it we've added our NewsBrief episodes that offer interviews with various Joomla! Community members. This has been a great addition to the schedule, but it's become double and sometimes triple the workload for Alice and myself.

Don't get me wrong, we love what we do, but with our day jobs and other commitments in and around the Joomla Community, it can become too much for us to handle on a weekly basis. That's why we've missed some episodes here and there.


JoomStew Radio May 12, 2010: Joomla! and the Art of Community

The JoomStew Radio first broadcast will be Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 3PM CST (your time) where we will introduce the show ideas and format. Your weekly hosts are Robert Vining and Amy Stephen, two active members of the Joomla! community and frequent trouble-makers.

Each episode of JoomStew Radio follows the same five part format using the letters ATAAW, an acronym which stands for All Together, As a Whole, Joomla!'s community slogan and the name of an independent community social network any J! site builder, developer, and other serious J! geek, is welcome to join.

Our May 12, 2010 Episode is entitled Joomla! and the Art of Community.